Dining Out: Kampai Sushi Bar

Friday, November 2, 2012
If this little side-project about food sticks around in any form, then you will soon know way too much about my obsessive love of sushi. When people try to pin me down with the question "So, you like food a lot. What's your favorite?" I always answer something along the lines of "I could never pick a single favorite, although I can tell you that I'm an insatiable sushi hound."

I've done my share of exploring St. Louis' various sushi offerings, though there are plenty that I still have to discover. For now, though, one restaurant stands head-and-shoulders above the rest:

I love Kampai for a multitude of reasons. Naturally, the sushi has to be delicious if it's going to be my favorite place, and it is. But add to this a welcoming atmosphere, attentive service, reasonable prices, and the miso soup and ginger salad that comes complimentary with every order.

Sushi restaurants have a disconcerting tendency to draw in hipsters, and they and the restaurant tend to circle each other in an increasingly annoying cycle to cultivate a cool place to go and have three bites of sushi for $40 and as wacky a cocktail as they can get away with. Kampai has no such pretentions.

I'm actually going there for dinner tonight, and couldn't be more excited about a Friday night dinner if it were my birthday.