The Vault: Honey-Baked Chicken

Monday, November 5, 2012
The Vault will serve as the recipes that have served me and my family well throughout the years. No flashes-in-the-pan here. They may not be the most exciting dishes in the world, but they're the ones that have gotten the job done, be it to provide comfort food, impress-a-first-date food, or throw-something-together-quickly-cause-it's-already-late-and-it's-Tuesday-for-God's-sake food.

This first one falls into that last category. I make a simple sauce of butter, yellow mustard, honey, salt, and curry powder, then coat some chicken breast and bake it.

Simplicity itself, right? I mean, as long as you remember to baste every fifteen minutes. But besides that, this only takes a few dishes, is extremely tasty, and doesn't call for any exotic ingredients.

I generally serve it with wild rice and broccoli, but like most chicken dishes, it's pretty versatile. In fact, of all the recipes in the Limecrete Vault, this power player is the most utilitarian.