Flavor of the Month: August/September 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Finally, we're starting to get some autumnal weather. It's about damned time! And with autumn comes a whole other set of food trends. In other words, let's get ready for some soups. As far as wrapping up summer, August is always a great eating month, since it contains my birthday. September was no slouch either, this year. So what culinary adventures did I get up to?

  • A series of birthday dinners

  • I'm getting to the age where I don't want more stuff for my birthday. More possessions just take up valuable space, and turn into items that I have to keep track of and maintain. I'd much rather just have a nice meal, and fortunately, my friends and family came through on that front. It isn't a real birthday until I get to eat at Sidney Street Cafe, and this year's birthday meal was as wonderful as ever. I also got taken to Dewey's pizza, which has never disappointed. There was a sushi feast at Kampai, a feast of mussels at Big Sky Cafe, and a home-cooked meal of creamed chicken with puff pastry shells at my Mom's. August is never a good month for losing weight, but who cares? I ate like a king.

  • A houseguest gets a culinary tour of the city

  • My friend Vikrant came from New Jersey to stay with me for a weekend, and I wanted to show off how great of a food town St. Louis is, so we went to all sorts of fun places. I won't list all of them, but we had terrific meals at places like Sugarfire BBQ, Southwest Diner, Maya Cafe, and so much more. It was great to have an excuse to hit up all my favorite places one right after the other. I should host people more often.

  • A home-cooked Indian feast

  • Vikrant and I also wanted to get into the kitchen and make something for ourselves. I've never cooked Indian food before, but knew where the Indian grocery store is, so hooray! I contributed! Once we had all the staples, Vik and I made enough food to feed, like, six people. Spinach masala! Dal! Curried chicken! Vanilla ice cream with mango sauce! I ate off the leftovers of this meal for two weeks, and every bite was a delight.

  • Turning adventure dining into a photo exhibit

  • I joined Instagram a while back, but haven't been using it at all. Mostly, I just signed up so that I could be sure to reserve my usual internet handle. But then I had the idea that rather than bugging everyone on my Facebook wall with constant talk of food, I could just turn my Instagram page into culinary photo experiments.

    Voila! Now I can experiment with Snapseed to turn my obsession into something worth looking at, instead of just reminiscing over fiery seafood entrees while I beach myself on the couch.