The Secret Ingredient: Limes

Monday, October 29, 2012
Oh, you know what the secret ingredient is. It's that food (or food component) that makes everything it's in taste better. You'll find any excuse to include it. As we walk down the corridor of your personal Food Hall of Fame, these are the portraits with gilded frames hanging proudly on the wall.

For me, there's nowhere I could begin other than limes. I mean, my handle is Limecrete, for god's sake. That name is not entirely derived from loving limes, but it is certainly one of the inspirations. For as far back as I can remember, anything that had a lime flavor offered was immediately my favorite. Lime jello, lime milkshakes, key lime pies... If it had lime, I had dibs. And while the kid in me loved lime treats, the adult realizes how wonderfully versatile this little citrus marvel is. Need to brighten a cocktail or put some zing in your taco? I've got just the juice for you.

There are foods I used to love that I've grown out of enjoying, and there are foods I used to despise that I've come to have an appreciation for. But limes have been my constant favorite since the start, and it's a love that will undoubtedly stick with me until the end. Whatever that end may be, I can be damn sure it won't be scurvy.