Small Plate #1: Cheese or Band Name

Saturday, October 3, 2015
Four Courses Podcast

Sometimes, you may be peckish, but not have room for a full meal. And sometimes, you may want to enjoy your favorite podcast, Four Courses, but not have time to engage with a full episode. Good news!

Welcome to the first Four Courses Small Plate! Small Plates are mini-episodes that will periodically show up between main episodes, and can come in a wide variety of flavors: Maybe it’ll be a game. Maybe it’ll be an interview with a local chef. Maybe it’ll be a review of some food-related media. Or maybe it’ll be something else entirely.

For this first small plate, guest host Jeffrey Ricker (from Episode 19) joins in for a game: Cheese or Band Name.

Think you can tell the difference between a rockin’ band and a regional Irish Cheddar? It might not be as easy as you think, Grasshopper. Play along with the game here, and see how you do! And if you have suggestions for other Small Plates, please feel free to email